Monday, March 20, 2017


 Preventing accidents in the workplace

Workplace safety is a vital part of any working environment. Construction sites are accident prone areas but the only way to reduce the chances of the occurrence of one whether major or minor is to use preventive measures.
Some of these are:

                                                     1.Use of Personal Protective Equipment. (PPE)

PPE plays a vital role in reducing accidents/injuries or deaths when working in a construction site thus any person working in a construction site should wear proper PPE. Helmets, gloves, Safety boots, reflective clothing should be worn at all times for those working at places without the risk of falling. Scaffolders should wear harnesses, helmets, gloves safety boots and reflective clothing when working at a height above 6 feet from the ground.

                                                      2. Use of Safety signs.

Construction sites have many people from the site managers, workers to visitors. Therefore people should be notified of the risks, hazards when working on the site. This is achieved by the use of proper signs in the site. These signs help people to avoid accidents in the workplace.

3. Toolbox Talk
Every site manager/supervisor should have a toolbox talk with the workers before they start any work. These talks help them to discuss on possible risks on the workplace, where they might occur and how to prevent them from happening and in case one happens, what procedures workers may take.

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