Monday, March 27, 2017

About scaffolds

A scaffold is a temporary structure to support the original structure, as well as workmen, use it as a platform to carry on construction work.

There are different types of scaffolding

1. Tubes and fittings(steel scaffolding)
2.Walk through frames
3. Kwik stage system
4. Ringlock

Tubes and fittings.

This type of scaffolding is constructed by tubes which are connected together with couplers/fittings.
They are easy to construct or assemble and also dismantle.
Its a safe, stable and widely used type of scaffolding
Most contractors use it to make any structure they want...

Liberty events and contracts scaffolding offers you with the scaffolding for tubes and fittings
Can also provide labor to assemble and dismantle depending on client desire.

Walk through frames

This too is a commonly used type of scaffold, just like any other type of scaffolding which its main aim is to help access heights.
The walkthrough frames used also for light duties eg painting, renovation of roofs.
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