Thursday, February 23, 2017

Scaffolders Training at LECS

Scaffolder  Training Guide.

Build your career and improve your skills, we offer the following courses.

a) Scaffolder Basic – 1

  4 day course designed for employees with little or no knowledge of   scaffolding.

Course Content

Ø  Industry  Induction
Ø  Use and application of materials tools & PPE
Ø  Handling loading & offloading of materials
Ø  Identification & marking of defective materials & quarantine
Ø  Preparing scaffold foundations.
Ø  Erect and dismantle scaffold tower.


-          Little or no knowledge of Scaffolding.

      (Max 12 persons per class)

b) Scaffolder Basic – 2

    4 day course designed for employees with scaffolding knowledge wishing
    to improve their experience.

Course Content

Ø  Erect and dismantle mobile & static tower.
Ø  Erect and dismantle tied independent scaffold.
Ø  Erect and dismantle birdcage scaffold.
Ø  Erect and dismantle ladder access.


-          Scaffolder Basic 1 Qualification or
-          12 – 18 months Practical site experience   

      (Max 12 persons per class)

C) Advanced Scaffolder

4 day course designed for employees with good scaffolding knowledge who wish to progress to more technical works.

Course Content
Ø  Erect and dismantle stage & seating stand.
Ø  Erect and dismantle cantilever & truss out scaffold.
Ø  Erect and dismantle birdcage scaffold.
Ø  Erect and dismantle hanging scaffold.
Ø  Interpret & work from scaffold drawing.


-          Scaffolder Basic 2 qualification
-          30 – 36 months Practical Site experience

     (Max. 12 person per class)

d) Supervisor Level - 1

   4 day course designed for scaffolders with 3 years site experience and good all round
   scaffolding knowledge.

Course Content

Ø  Basic supervisory skills.
Ø  Team leadership skills.
Ø  Communication skills (with subordinate and supervisor)
Ø  Disciplinary methods and procedures.
Ø  Organisations of work for optimise productivity.
Ø  Sufficient knowledge of company HSE program to ensure safety of scaffold crews.
Ø  Final checking of work before submitting for inspection


-          Advanced Scaffolder qualification plus 3 year min. Site experience

        (Max. 10 person per class)

e) Scaffolding Inspector
  5 day course designed for employees with excellent knowledge of scaffolding
    erection, dismantling & HSE requirements.

Course Content

Ø  Knowledge of applications and limitations of different types of scaffold.
Ø  Knowledge and application of safe working loads of scaffold components.
Ø  Knowledge of the requirement for stability against overturning of free standing platforms and the purpose of scaffold ties and the various conditions that affect the tie spacing requirement.
Ø  Knowledge of ISO - 18001 requirements including the application to scaffolding operation and the responsibility of the person inspecting the scaffold.
Ø  Documentation relevant to the inspector role, including the scaff-tag, scaffold inspectors register and hand over certificate.


-          Advanced Scaffolder qualification with 3 year min. Site experience.
-          Basic understanding of HSE requirements.

     (Max. 10 person per class)
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